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La Gran Familia Orphanage Resident

All Saints' Sponsor Child for 2021

A Bit About Dulce

For 2021, we have chosen Dulce to “adopt”. She is a 10-year old who has been living at La Gran Familia (LGF) since 2015 and is now preparing for Junior High. Dulce is a sweet and well-adjusted child who loves to read, play & help cook.

La Gran Familia a Signature Ministry

“Let the little children come to me, and do not forbid them,

for such is the kingdom of heaven.”  Matthew 19:14


It’s about God’s children!  La Gran Familia is an orphanage ministering to abandoned and impoverished children who have been living in the hills and on the streets of Cuauhtémoc, Chihuahua, Mexico, located southwest of Chihuahua City.  La Gran Familia is a "Mission Organization of the Diocese of Fort Worth" supported by Bishop Reed and All Saint's parish. 

La Gran Familia operates a large children's home for girls and boys. La Gran Familia provides care for about 48 children. The staff works hard daily to provide for the physical and mental well-being of each child, which includes Christian education, school, tutoring, and medical attention. Children at La Gran Familia enjoy a warm, nurturing Christian home because of the dedicated employees and volunteers who want to ensure the future for the children in Cuauhtemoc will be full of hope.


Your financial support to La Gran Familia (LGF) will help transform the lives of vulnerable children in Mexico.  No administrative fees are taken from your gift. One hundred percent of your gift goes directly to La Gran Familia. Your gift is tax deductible.  Please make your check out to All Saint's Episcopal Church and write (LGF) in the Memo line.

The Centurion Program


The Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth (DFW) and the Anglican Diocese of Northern Malawi (DNM) have been committed to partnership since 1995, when the DNM was established with the Rt. Rev. Jackson C. Biggers as its first bishop. Today the DNM is blessed with the spiritual leadership of Rt. Rev. Fanuel Magangani, the DNM first Malawian born bishop.  


The Centurion Program is the cornerstone of our Companion Relationship with the Diocese of Northern Malawi of which we at All Saints' Episcopal Church participate. The Centurion Program consists of two components.  First a priest or deacon in Malawi is linked with a church in the Diocese of Fort Worth for the opportunity to participate in each other’s ministry through relationship and prayer.  Second, financial resources are provided to Bishop Magangani for his monthly budgeted need for salaries and stipends for clergy, as well as diocesan supported hospital and school staff.  


Through this program we stand in the gap as the Diocese of N. Malawi works toward self- reliance. Your financial support to the Diocese of Northern Malawi (DNM) will enable Bishop Magangani and his clergy to meet the day to day ministry needs of their diocese. Financial gifts are specified for deposit in the Malawi General Fund and used by Bishop Magangani for directed or general purposes. No administrative fees are taken from your gift, which means 100% of your gift go directly to DNM and are tax deductible.

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